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Our solar panel systems In Ipswich

As a leading provider of solar panels in Ipswich and across the state, Queensland Solar Services can help you reduce your energy costs, increase sustainability, and help your business achieve energy freedom. 

We help our customers to understand the advantages of solar power and how it works. We know that each customer’s energy usage is different, which is why we always provide expert advice to determine the best solar system to suit your home and lifestyle. 

Our experienced and highly efficient team provide an outstanding level of support and guidance throughout the process of installing solar panels in your Ipswich home or property.

Our solar power solutions in Ipswich

Residential Solar Ipswich

Our residential solar solutions can help you to control your energy costs, as well as add value to your Ipswich home

Commercial Solar Ipswich

We assist Ipswich businesses to cut operating costs and lock in energy rates, helping you take control of your energy usage.

Solar Service & Maintenance Ipswich

Your ultimate destination for system maintenance, solar inverter repairs, solar power system service and service advice in Ipswich

How much You Can save with solar power In Ipswich

Queensland really is the ‘sunshine state’, making it a powerhouse for solar. In fact 39% of Queensland homes are already using solar to reduce their electricity bills. But don’t worry, it’s not too late to join them. With the cost of solar technology decreasing and the government continuing to makes incentives available to help reduce your outlay, switching to solar power in Ipswich is becoming a more and more affordable choice.

The amount of money you can save on your power bill by installing a solar power system in your Ipswich or Queensland home depends on your household’s energy consumption patterns as well as where your solar panels are positioned. The way your panels are oriented, their tilt and the presence of shade all affect the amount of electricity they produce and are all important factors in determining your savings.

 However, the table below can give you an indication of the kind of savings you can expect:

What Are The Solar RebatesIn Ipswich?

You may be eligible to claim up to $3700 in rebates from the government. This is in the form of Small-Scale Technology Certificates. The value of your rebate will depend on the size of your system, location and date of install.

Who Is Eligible For The Ipswich's Solar Rebates?

Homeowners will be eligible if they have installed a solar system under 100kW by a CEC accredited installer. All parts need to be CEC approved as well. All electrical components also must meet the correct requirements.

How Can Ipswich Homeowners Claim These Solar Rebates?

The easiest way to claim your Ipswich solar rebates is through your chosen solar panel installer. By claiming them through your installer you can see a direct deduction on your quote meaning you will pay less upfront costs.

Ipswich Solar Return on investment over lifetime

Our Ipswich solar solutions can help you to control your energy costs, as well as add value to your home. By installing solar panels in Queensland and decreasing your reliance on the electricity your home sources from your Local Network provider, you can protect yourself against imminent electricity price rises. Energy from the Sun is free, and by collecting and using this energy, you will be able to decrease your electricity spend.

Experienced & Trusted

With a team that has installed over 3000 systems throughout Queensland, we are a company which you can trust.
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Our Most Popular Ipswich Solar Panel Packages

There is no substitute for quality. At Queensland Solar Services we work with the best suppliers to offer you the best value solar systems. 

Small Home

  • 14 x 370 = 5180W Tier 1 Panels
  • 5 kW Solis Power Inverter
  • Tier 1 Solar Module
  • High Efficiency Solar Module

Medium Home

  • 8 kW Solis Power Inverter
  • 8 kW Solis Power Inverter
  • Tier 1 Solar Module
  • High Efficiency Solar Module

Big Family Home

  • 27 x 370 = 9990W Tier 1 Panels
  • 8 kW Solis Power Inverter
  • Tier 1 Solar Module
  • High Efficiency Solar Module

Ipswich Solar Solutions You Can Trust

Queensland Solar Services provides the latest PV solar module technology to homes and business. We’re committed to offering you solar products at very affordable prices with guaranteed quality and service. We service both residential and commercial clients to help them save hundreds and even thousands of dollars on their electricity bills, reduce their carbon footprint and protect themselves against further power price rises.

Licensed & Certified

All work completed by Queensland Solar Services is completed by fully certified electricians

Excellent Customer Service

We guarantee to give you a pleasant experience while shopping with us. A smile on your face matters more than the profit.

Quality Assurance

Queensland Solar Services strictly follows Australian safety guidelines for all its products and services.

Free Maintenance & Monitoring

We monitor the transition stage from your current power provider to your new system. We even offer a free 6 month maintenance check and clean!