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Making Solar Accessible For Families And Businesses

At Queensland Solar Services we are a local family business with a team that has installed and maintained solar systems for homes and businesses for over 10 years. With teams located all across the state, Queensland Solar Services exists to help families and businesses secure their energy independence.

Since we love all things solar energy, we install only top quality parts and systems that have service and maintenance guarantees. Due to our use of the best of the best, we have paved the way for Queensland Solar Services to be the fastest growing solar provider in Queensland.

We hope that we can assist you in future proofing your energy needs and costs with clean, reliable and renewable solar energy.

Experienced & Trusted

With a team that has installed over 3000 systems throughout Queensland, we are a company which you can trust.
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Solutions You Can Trust

Environmental Impact

Solar power is beneficial for several reasons. Not only does it positively affect your bottom line, but it also reduces your environmental impact. You can maintain the use of electrical devices while cutting your carbon footprint.

Reduce or eliminate your dependence on fossil fuels for energy generation. Solar offers a viable alternative that can make your lifestyle more sustainable while also lowering monthly electrical bills.

Industry Best Practices

At Queensland Solar and Electrical, we consider the industry best practices to be our basic standards. You can expect the best from us with every interaction, whether we’re doing a designing a new system or maintaining an existing one.

We are fully licensed and insured to provide our listed services. All installers with Queensland Solar Services are employed directly by us (no sub-contractors) and CEC-accredited. We are accredited to install full or hybrid systems for on-grid and off-grid properties all across Queensland.

Personalised Solutions

Above all else, Queensland Solar Services strives to create systems that perfectly match real world needs. We’ve succeeded when the solar power system we design and install suits your lifestyle, household/business needs and budget. Everything we do is aimed at getting the best result for you.

We work towards this goal with highly personalised service, property assessments, simulation software and other nifty tricks. You’re at the centre of the whole process. There are no cut and paste solutions with Queensland Solar Services